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Slovenia Wine Country Guide

In December 2019, The Daily Beast published a “Guide to Slovenia for Wine Lovers”. The article represents Slovenia, Slovenian wine regions and Slovenian wine for all wine enthusiasts. The author of the article is Benjamin Kemper visited Slovenia in November … Read More

Slovenia, a wine destination on your wine map

Slovenia stretches over 20.273 square kilometres and has over 2.066 million inhabitants and approximately 21,000 ha of vineyard area. Here are 30,000 grape growers – most of whom produce wine for their consumption – and 2,550 winemakers. Annual production of … Read More

Slovenia Holidays – nature and gastronomy

Slovenia is a country in Central Europe that borders on Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It is a versatile country in many aspects as it is situated at the crossroads of four different winds, four different cultures, four different climates … Read More

Musica Di…Vina

Musica Di…Vina Enjoy the harmony of Wine and Music In 2019 we enjoy two events that combine the best wines of Slovenian winemakers with classical chamber music, which are presented through various concerts in its many genres, from cello quartets … Read More

Slovenia, A Wine Making Country

Slovenia extends in the area of 20,273 km2, positioned in Central Europe. It lies in the crossland of four geographical units: the Pannonian on the East, the Dinaric Alps on the South, the Adriatic sea on the East and the … Read More

Retire early and travel

Retire Early And Travel on Wine Tasting Tour

We hosted Tina and Keith from Retire Early and Travel. The day we spend together was just amazing. We visited two wine sub-regions: Karst and Vipava valley. We enjoyed fresh local wine varietals as well as matured and predicate wines. … Read More

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