Musica Di…Vina

Musica Di…Vina

Enjoy the harmony of Wine and Music

In 2019 we enjoy two events that combine the best wines of Slovenian winemakers with classical chamber music, which are presented through various concerts in its many genres, from cello quartets to lieders etc. The music-oenologist guides us during the tasting of the music so that the wine and the music perfectly complement and enhance one another.

The music is performed by various chamber groups composed of the most known members of the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and at the same time one of the very top of Slovenian chamber performers.

Fine Slovenian Wine and Tango

In October, 2019 at the Kultural Centre of Janez Trdina in Nove mesto we enjoyed the sounds of the cello quartet and fine Slovenian wine from boutique wine cellar SANCTUM.

Wine and music enhusiasts could enjoy enjoy the music by Astor Piazzola and his Four Seasons and beautiful compositions of Bach, Vivaldi and Monteverdi while tasting oustanding wines: Chardonnay, My Red in Pinot Noir.

The quartet consists of four top cellists: Igor Mitrovic, Milan Hudnik, Tanja Babnik and Jaka Trilar.

Wine, Women and Song

In December Musica Di…Vina offered the harmony of music and wine that blended in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the Canadian soprano Theresa Plut, who is one of Slovenian most successful opera and concert singers. On the harp was Sofia Ristic, who has been working in the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra since 1996 as a solo harpist.

The symbiosis withn Spanish folk songs we searched in fine wines from the internationally renowned boutique wine cellar, Vino Graben, from Bizeljsko. The music of Cl. Debussy was accompanied by Pinot Grigio with longer maceration. Visitors enjoyed the works of F. Obradors during wine tasting of dry Traminer, selection, 2009. R. Strauss’s works were paired with red wine Les grandes 5, selection, 2015.

PARTNER: Zavod Novo mesto

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