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Corporate tours
active recreation for employees

Enjoy Slovenia offers carefully designed corporate tour packages that allow individuals to spend time with each other and indulge in team-building activities. These corporate group tours include adventure activities, nature walks, cycling, visits to the wine cellars, gastronomy teambuilding and so much more. Contact us and describe your ideal adventure, and we’ll design your dream corporate vacation. Together we will plan your perfect retreat that allows employees to build interpersonal skills and attain comfort where they can learn a more enhanced way of working together.

All the corporate tours can be divided into key characteristics:
Trekking and cycling, climbing and water sports activities, winemaking and cooking, or just enjoying and relaxing together
designed for a short break, a week or more.
For beginners, requiring good physical fitness, aimed at experienced tourists.
According to the composition of participants — trips can be group trips, for a group of colleagues, or business trips, for business partners.

Enjoy Slovenia corporate tour packages are crafted to meet theunique needs and preferences of each corporate client. It’s up to you to decide what your corporate tour will be like, and Enjoy Slovenia team will take care of the accompanying moments of your adventure. Give your corporate trip a much-needed change and add a dash of adventure with our custom-made tour packages. We will do our best to foster team bonding, ignite creativity, and dazzle your senses most amazingly.


Food is essential for our well-being. Try your hand at cooking, learn something interesting, and above all, laugh a lot.

With its diversity, Slovenia offers different and unique experiences even for groups.

We work with experts in various fields who will be happy to share their knowledge with your employees. You can choose between culinary themes, activities in nature (water sports, cycling, hiking, orienteering...) or between challenges for individuals and team building.

Why worry about transportation? Socialize and have a carefree good time. Do you have questions? Trust us with your wishes and needs.

Teambuilding is designed according to the goals of the company and the needs of the individual. That's why we offer you a wide range of experts who will share a wealth of knowledge and experience with you and your employees, while others will be fun for team bonding. We organize, while you carefree socialize with your colleagues.

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