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All about wine tasting tour, short weekend breaks and holidays. If you do not find the answer on your question, contact us.


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Our prime goal is the satisfaction of our guests. We strive to give insight into the Slovenian gastronomic culture of each region you visit. We want you to Enjoy your time in Slovenia whether you relax, enjoy gastronomy, or enjoy outdoor or indoor activities. All the partners and locations of the tours are carefully selected to experience Slovenia in the most genuine way available. We value time to breathe, food to enjoy, and love to live. We want you to experience this while enjoying Slovenia.

All other tours and holidays can be tailored according to your needs and wishes. Some samples of the tours and holidays can be found on our website. However, all the tours and tour packages can be customized and combined according to your wishes and preferences.

A minimum requirement for a tour is 2 guests. The final price is set up according to the number of people joining the tour.

Our focus is to ENJOY: enjoy food, enjoy wine, enjoy company, enjoy activities, enjoy your time spent in Slovenia, and enjoy LIFE in general. All these aspects we try to integrate in each tour. We want you to be relaxed during your visit, not rush, and enjoy the time in our company or on your self-drive tours. Each tour is a balance of wine, gastronomy, activities, and history. For specific activities, you are welcome to contact us. Together we will tailor a customized tour that will meet your wishes and expectations.

If you wish to adjust the itinerary of a one-day wine tour for your private group, we can adjust the itinerary according to your wishes. The same goes for the itineraries of the 3-day getaway and the tour packages. We can make the tour shorter or extend it upon your request. All customized tours are at a prorated price.

Yes, an alternative eatery on the tour can be provided. Please notify us of your dietary restrictions (i.e. celiac disease, vegetarianism, food allergies, etc.) when booking your tour. When advising us in advance we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, there are limited local eateries that meet strict vegan diets. Therefore, consider if these tours are for you.

Enjoy Slovenia offers wine tours for wine lovers of all kinds. We want you to enjoy your time during the tours and learn about Slovenia, its gastronomy, and wine. Our staff and winemakers will be happy to share their knowledge with you. During the wine tour, there will be enough time to learn the basics of the wine tasting. Learning the basics provides you with the knowledge to recognize the basic wine characteristics: nose, sweetness, acidity, tannin, fruit, body, and length that make a wine exceptional. So, don’t worry. Just come and enjoy your time with us.

The number of wine cellars we visit depends on the tour. Some wine tours include two, other three wineries. All wine tours include exceptional wine cellars. In each winery we visit, you will taste between 5 and 7 wines of premium quality. The list of tasted wines can be adjusted according to your interests.

Yes, each wine tasting is accompanied by local dietary products. Where stated there is also lunch or a warm meal of fresh local ingredients included. Each wine tour offers enough food that will not leave you hungry (for most people). However, please don’t miss breakfast before the tour.

Yes, each winemaker will be happy if you like his wine so much that you want to take some bottles with you. If you have limited place in your luggage, you can always buy or re-buy wine directly with us or on our online wine shop In the case you don’t find your desired wine in a wine shop please send us a request. We are here to assist you so you can enjoy fine Slovenian wine also back at home. However, please check the policy of sending wine to your country before you order wine from us.

If you book your tour well in advance, we have time to organize a private tour of your desired wine cellars on your preferred day – also on weekends or public holidays.

Yes, all our guests pay the full price.

Please refer to each wine tour or itinerary where is separately stated what (food, drinks, and services) the tour includes. We aim all our tours to be all-inclusive with no hidden costs.

The wine tours in Slovenia run all year round, through all seasons. However, the best time is from March to October but we are sure you will enjoy your wine-tasting tour also during the winter season.

Yes, upon request we can drop you off at a different location as the meeting point. If you would like to finish your PRIVATE tour at a different location, please contact us before booking your tour.

If we have a private tour then we pick you up in front of your hotel. However, if you decide to start at the Tourist Information Center in Ljubljana, then you can park your vehicle in a public garage or on the streets near the TIC Ljubljana, Krekov trg 10.

We offer tours in English and other languages when required. Please contact us if you would like to make arrangements for your interpreter to join the tour.

Absolutely! We can accommodate a variety of special requests and sizes of groups (family reunions, destination weddings, birthday parties, weekend getaways, out-of-town guests, corporate events, conventions, and more).

Cycling Tours

Each season is special for cycling in Slovenia. Spring offers that freshness after the winter hibernation. Summer gives you a hot and refreshing adventure. While autumn charms you with the magical orange/red colors of the forests.

Most importantly, wear comfortable sports clothes and cycling/hiking shoes. Please bring a bottle of water and sun protection in the summer months. We provide all the cycling gear (bikes, helmets, first aid, …). Any additional gear or clothes can be stored in a van.

We offer from beginner-friendly to more challenging routes. We use electric bikes on our tours to turn even the most difficult trips into enjoyable journeys for those with less stamina or technical skills. Plus, we adjust every tour to your skills and abilities.

We offer rental of the newest Rock Machine eBikes and Scott Bikes.

We prioritize accommodations that promote traditional local food and provide a tranquil environment. While sticking to this commitment, we also consider our guests' interests, ensuring that we adapt the experience by carefully selecting accommodations that best suit each individual or group.

Breakfast is included in the accommodation, while lunch and dinner are optional. Slovenia has many local restaurants with true local cuisine, making them ideal options for lunch or dinner. This way you can try something new each day. For bigger groups, we can reserve the restaurants in advance.

We always provide experienced local guides. Because we know how important personal experience is, we chased all the selected bike routes and hikes ourselves.

We have van support during the CYCLING tours, especially with bigger groups. All our guides are equipped with a first aid kit and safety knowledge.

We are here to listen to your wishes – your dates, interests, intensity, travel companions, accommodations, and budget. We make sure you have a “perfect” custom-made bike tour in our beautiful Slovenia. By request, we try to adjust our tours to your wishes as much as possible.

Since we believe smaller groups mean better experiences, we usually travel in groups of 5 to 10 people. The minimum number of people for an individual group tour is 4. We are also offering private tours.

Kids are also welcome, as long as they can cycle independently and can ride for at least 20 kilometers. Please notify us about any children joining when you book a tour. That way we can adjust the difficulty of the tour to them.

In case of a bad weather: We try to find the right slot in a day to make a tour OR Tours can be mixed to follow the suitable forecast OR A tour can be changed for a different one in a region with a better forecast OR We organize a hiking tour instead OR We organise a visit to tourist sights

You can enquire through our website, by clicking the tour or holidays of your choice. After the conformation from our team you can pay via the following methods: credit/debit card, PayPal, or invoice.

We can proudly say that, so far, our guests have had an amazing experience with us. As for us, it's not just about come-and-go. We highly value personal experience, which means paying attention to each individual on a personal level. With many guests, we still keep in touch across the world and share stories from Slovenia while they share their travels with us.

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