Terms and Conditions

  1. APLICATION OF THE GENERAL TERMS AND SALES CONDITIONS The present General Terms and Conditions apply to all of the services provided by Amber tours s.p. By booking a travel arrangement organized by Amber tours s.p. the passenger agrees to following terms and conditions. Acceptance of these terms and conditions at booking is obligatory. The booking conditions apply equally to all persons included in booking. In case of revisement of these terms and conditions, for a concrete travel arrangement a version valid at the time of the booking is used.
    All the advertised prices of Amber tours s.p. programs include value added tax.
    By booking a travel program every passenger gives Amber tours s.p. his permission to use the photographs and videos made on the travel (the photographs and videos could include every passenger) in promotional and commercial intentions. Amber tours s.p. does not take any responsibility for the behaviour of passengers and damages caused by other passengers during the travel.
    These Terms and Conditions are subject to Slovenian Law. Any dispute concerning their interpretation and/or their execution will be brought before the suitable Ljubljana court.
    Amber tours s.p. does not take responsibility for any errors that might occur in the promotional material.
  2. BOOKING CONDITIONS AND TERMS OF PAYMENTS When making a booking, the passenger has to provide all the necessary information and his personal documents that are required by the travel arrangement programs and pay the amount of 30% of the total value of the travel arrangement for the multi-day tours or he has to follow the instructions, stated in the travel arrangement program. The passenger has to pay the remaining amount of the travel arrangement price at the latest 30 days before the date of departure or as stated on the booking form. In case the passenger fails to pay the remaining amount of the travel arrangement price in time, it is considered that he has cancelled his booking and subsequently Amber tours s.p. follows the regulations of general terms and conditions regarding the cancellation of the travel arrangement on behalf of passenger, as stated in paragraph 5. of these general terms and conditions.
    For the one-day tours the passenger has to pay 100% of the price at time of booking.
    The reservation will be considered valid as soon as the passenger submits either personally either via www.enjoy-slovenia.com a form for booking a tour and Amber tours s.p. receives an appropriate payment for the program.
    Amber tours s.p. will send a voucher by email to the passenger after receivement of the payment. It is thus very important to give a correct and active email address. Amber tours s.p. cannot be held responsible if the passenger does not receive the voucher due to an incorrect email address. The passenger should notify Amber tours s.p. in case he or she does not receive the voucher at least 7 days before the tour starts.
    The passenger should present the voucher to the Amber tours s.p. agent before the beginning of the tour.
    Payments may be done by credit card through Paypal payment portal, or on request by bank transfer.
  3. PRICE OF TRAVEL ARRANGEMENT Price of travel arrangement is stated in every travel program and becomes valid with the day of the publication of each program. Prices for all the arrangements are given in EUR. Amber tours s.p. reserves itself the right to change the prices according to Obligations Code (the changes might take place due to changes of service providers prices, in transport tariffs, changes in fuel prices …). Should the price changes occur, Amber tours s.p. have the responsibility to inform the passenger prior to departure. If the agreed price of the travel arrangement rises more than 10%, it is the right of the passenger to cancel his booking without any further costs, yet it has to be done at the latest 2 days after he has received the notice of the price change. Amber tours s.p. does not take responsibility for reclamations against services bought and paid by the passenger on the site.
    The prices are set according to prevailing economic conditions and together with the programs and duration of itineraries may be amended periodically. The prices of tours include all described Services of each program unless stated otherwise.
  4. CATEGORIES OF SERVICES The price of the travel arrangement includes everything mentioned in the travel program unless otherwise stated.
    Special services that are not included into the price of the travel arrangement are to be paid by the passenger separately on the site. When making a booking, the passenger can express his wishes regarding additional services to be carried out. When possible Amber tours s.p. will try to arrange those services wherever these services take place. The price on the additional services will be set and agreed separately. The categorization of accommodation (number of stars) listed in the travel program are provided by the holiday location or are stated by the national categorisation of every country.
  5. AMENDMENT AND CAN5. CELLATION OF BOOKING ON BEHALF OF PASSENGER Since the prices are mainly based on pre-booked services, the passenger is asked to carefully read the following cancellation conditions:
    Amber tours s.p. must be informed in writing of total or partial cancellations of the program booked by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to verify that Amber tours s.p. has received his or her communication. In the case of partial cancellation the pro rata rule applies to the cancellation conditions below. In the case of total cancellation by the client, Amber tours s.p. will refund payments according to cancellation fees as indicated below depending on the number of days between the cancellation date and the beginning of the tour.
    For the services ordered and paid directly on the web site www.enjoy-slovenia.com. If the passenger needs to cancel, these are the fees retained by Amber tours s.p. (the passenger is refunded the rest):
    + 20 days before the departure date: 10% less Paypal & administrative expenses
    between 20 and 15 days: 30% less Paypal or credit card & administrative expenses
    between 14 and 8 days: 50% less Paypal or credit card & administrative expenses
    between 7 and 3 days: 75% less Paypal or credit card & administrative expenses
    less than 3 days or no-show: 100% (NO REFUND)
    For the services that have been subject to a quote before the order or Multi-Day Tours. If passenger needs to cancel these are the fees retained by Amber tours s.p. – passenger is refunded the rest:
    +90 days before the departure date 10% less Paypal or credit card & administrative expenses
    between 90 and 60 days 50% less Paypal or credit card & administrative expenses
    between 60 and 30 days 75% less Paypal or credit card & administrative expenses
    less than 30 days or no-show 100% (NO REFUND)[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”6. YOUNG PEOPLE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD “]People under 18 years old can book a tour which includes wine consumption only if accompanied by or with signed consent of one of the parents or legal guardian, and marked “With the consent of the father/mother/legal guardian”. Unaccompanied underage passenger must submit to the Amber tours s.p. agent prior to the tour a letter of consent to attend a tour signed by one of the parents or legal guardian with their contact information (phone number and address) for instances of an emergency.
    Children on SHARED TOURS
    Amber tours s.p. recommends a minimum age for participants: 16 years. Infants are not allowed on shared tours
    For passengers travelling with kids from aged between 8 and 16 years old Amber tours s.p. recommends taking a private tour. For kids under 8 Amber tours s.p. does not provide children’s seats for the driving parts of the tour.
    If children do not need baby seats they are allowed on the tours which include wine consumption (for adults only) at a slightly reduced fee. As wineries are not necessarily child safe, parents are recommended to watch over their behaviour.
    Children on PRIVATE TOURS
    For children on private tours of age between 4-18, Amber tours s.p. will reduce the price by 20% (this will include their lunch, but of course no wine tastings). For children on private tours of age between 1-4, the attendance is free, providing they will not require a special meal. Children’s seat will be provided for upon request.
  7. CANCELLATION OF TRAVEL OR CHANGE OF TRAVEL PROGRAM BY AMBER TOURS s.p. Any person reserving or purchasing any Amber tours s.p. travel program accepts the condition that Amberus tours s.p. reserves to itself the right to change or cancel itineraries and other tour components if necessary, when necessary in case of occurrence of unexpected circumstances. Should this happen, Amber tours s.p. will make every effort to offer alternate dates and/or programs. Itineraries are as accurate as possible but subject to change due to health, traffic, weather, mechanical and any other conditions beyond the Amber tours s.p. control that prevent realisation of the travel arrangement as scheduled. Amber tours s.p. expressly disclaims any liability for any damages that may be incurred for any changes, cancellations, or delays in any itinerary.
  8. AMBER TOURS s.p. LIABILITY Amber tours s.p. is a liaison between travellers and local winemakers, merchants, restaurants and other venues. Amber tours s.p., therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract or any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such suppliers, which result in any loss, damage, delay, or injury to you or your travel companions or group members.
    Amber tours s.p. cannot be held responsible for any transport delay or cancellation due to any circumstance beyond our control: closed roads, traffic jams, police emergency crew, road interventions or in case of extraordinary problems: weather conditions, terrorist attacks, extraordinary sporting events, floods, riots, transportation strikes, flight, boat or cruise delay and/or cancellations (Non-exhaustive lists).
    In case of a vehicle immobilization during the trip, due to a mechanical failure, an accident or a damage (theft, deterioration), Amber tours s.p. will try to guarantee the journey continuity with another vehicle.
  9. INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY Tours will leave according to times stated on itineraries and will NOT wait for latecomers. Amber tours s.p. accepts no responsibility for passengers failing to be at designated pick up points at designated times. NO REFUND is provided for passengers failing to meet their tour at designated times.
    It is up to passengers to adapt their alcohol consumption, according to their physiological characteristics, and possibly affections with which they can be affected or medical treatments to which they may be subjected. We remind our passengers that the excessive alcohol consumption is not advised and that in a general way, the irresponsible consumption of alcohol is dangerous for the health.
    Travelers are responsible for themselves and are expected not to break or damage anything belonging to the venues visited during the travel program. Any damages by a passenger due to negligence will require payment or replacement by said passenger.
    Persons causing a nuisance to other passengers may be removed from the tour. Amber tours s.p. will not be liable for any expense incurred by the passengers should this occur.
    Uncontrollable and disruptive drunken behaviour will not be tolerated. Wineries reserve the right to refuse service & entry.
    Disruptive persons will not be allowed to continue the tour. No alcohol or food is allowed on tour vehicles. Passengers may not bring their own alcohol for consumption. Smoking is not permitted on tour vehicles or inside winery buildings.
    The client shall make no requests, nor shall any request be honoured by the driver to exceed the authorized speed limit or to commit breaches of any traffic rules.
    Amber tours s.p. reserves the right to interrupt the service in progress if the tour representative is aware that the passenger is in act of committing an offence such as using narcotics, endangering anybody’s safety or a noticeable lack of politeness by the passenger towards other members of the tour.
    Amber tours s.p. has the right to partially or completely resign from the travel agreement during the travel if the passenger does not follow the behaviour rules, which are valid on certain types of transport or in certain accommodation and if the passenger with such behaviour endangers the wellbeing and health of other passengers and prevents the representative of the agency the realization of the travel program. In this case Aber tours s.p. has no financial obligation to the passengers.
  10. LUGGAGE The transport of luggage is free up to a certain weight limit, determined by the company that is providing the transportation. Amber tours s.p. representatives will offer assistance with the lost and found proceedings for the customers, but does not take any responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. The passenger needs to report the lost or damaged luggage to the company that provided the transport or to the accommodation, where the passenger is staying. Amber tours s.p. is not responsible for the theft or damage of the passenger’s luggage or other personal belongings, valuables and documents in the accommodation, where the passenger is staying (hotels, B&B, apartments, etc.).
  11. RECLAMATION Any complaint for non-fulfilment or poor fulfilment of the travel agreement should be made on the spot, and referred either to the offending provider of service or to the representative of Amber tours s.p. during the travel. The complaint must describe the grievance and be made within 24 hours.
    If passenger has not obtained satisfaction, Amber tours s.p. encourages statement of complaint through registered mail, enclosed with all written evidence within 60 days after the conclusion of the travel program. The length of investigation will determine the delay in response to passenger’s complaint.
    If Amber tours s.p. holds the responsibility for poor realization of the program or single services, the passenger is entitled to the reimbursement in amount of the real value of the disputed services.
  12. INSURANCE Unless stated otherwise in the travel program, no insurances are included in the prices offered. As a consequence, Amber tours s.p. suggests that passenger should subscribe to travel insurance through their own insurance company against the usual traveling risks (such as cancellation, loss of luggage, accident and health insurance etc.).
    Amber tours s.p. accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property, for sickness, last minute cancellations, latecomers & or no-shows.