Slovenia is a country in Central Europe that borders on Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It is a versatile country in many aspects as it is situated at the crossroads of four different winds, four different cultures, four different climates and four different gastronomies.

In a very small area, you can enjoy four different geographical units. In the East, towards Hungary, you can enjoy the flat Pannonian Plain, rich with thermal and mineral water. In the South towards Croatia are the Dinaric Alps with its rich forests. Here you can enjoy activities on the slow rivers, fly fishing, bear watching, wine tasting, and some easy walking. The North is the most widely advertised and therefore the most popular part of Slovenia. It is covered with the beautiful Alps with peaks over 2.000m, lakes and ski resorts. If you move from Ljubljana to East Slovenia you feel the Mediterranean influence in the gastronomy. The East might not be the biggest wine region of Slovenia but for sure it is the most recognized. In the East you can enjoy the activities on and by the beautiful Soča river, visit numerous wine cellars tasting fine Slovenian wine, enjoy easy hiking all over the region, enjoy the old stone towns and villages, visit underground Karst caves, listen to the bora wind and also observe the sunset over the Adriatic sea.

When asking about the climate we need to talk about the mixture and influences from all four parts again. Slovenia has a mixture of continental, Alpine, Mediterranean and Pannonian climate. Hot summers (June – September) and cold winters (November – March) are typical for Slovenia.

With one word we can say that Slovenia is a synonym for nature. If you are a nature lover and would like to have a piece of tranquillity and relax, then for sure you will find a lovely piece of nature with kind local people on your way in Slovenia. You will enjoy tasty traditional food and each day can give you a new experience in the untouched nature. Besides this, you can enjoy fine Slovenian wine in the wine cellars spread over all the Slovenia.

So when visiting Slovenia and asking where to go, what to do, what to see and what to taste you won’t get a simple answer. Yes, it is true. Slovenia is a small country but it is extremely diverse in culture, taste, wine, traditions…

And so, if you are reading this, then for sure you are a nature or wine lover.

All wine lovers whether you have already experienced fine Slovenian Wine or whether it is your first time – if you would like to combine wine and nature during your holidays, then you are welcome to continue reading the article „Slovenia a wine destination it can’t be missed on your wine map“. The article will help you to decide how to orient yourself in Slovenia, depending on your time and interest. But be sure, wherever you go, everywhere you will find a piece of heaven, enjoy tasty local cuisine and fine Slovenian wine or brandies.


Enjoy Slovenia, Enjoy Life!